A brochure on RATS and what you can do

I’m so happy that I’ve come across this organization: Raptors are the solution. Yes RATS. That’s so clever!

Don’t take my word for it. You can check them out here: https://www.raptorsarethesolution.org/

And, I recommend you do.

If you’re local to Cave Creek, bookmark our site http://www.CaveCreekCares.org and check back regularly as we update you on what all is happening here. In the meantime if you want info that we’ve not yet customized to our specific needs, hey, let’s learn from them.

They make so many brochures, lists, how to information readily available to share.

Like this brochure:

If you don’t have time to keep reading this post, download it here but I encourage you to read a bit more.

Their mission so aligns with our mission:

“Our goal is to see all anticoagulant and other poisonous rodenticides taken off the market and no longer used by pest control companies due to their dangers to children, pets, and wildlife. Much of our work involves public education campaigns…”


I want to educate educate educate… I believe that there are more people here who care than those who act like they don’t care… and some people who are putting down poison simply don’t know how deadly it is to all of us (humans included).

I just want to help spread the word on this. I first discovered the problem when I lost a dog and a cat in my own backyard (over 12 years ago); I was not putting out poison but my neighbors were and I did not want to start a fight as much as I wanted to educate others… In my heart I believe that people don’t mean to do harm, sometimes they just don’t know. My heart was broken but that lit a fire inside of me to do something.

I’m active locally – and I’m starting to lean more on the work already done by this wonderful organization: Raptors are the Solution. They deserve the credit for this brochure which you can download here:

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